Being one of the oldest driving schools in Irving, we have always tried to make driving training as convenient as possible. So, we saw the importance of alternative to in-person classes, and we started driver’s ed online classes for teens and adults. The advanced technology coupled with precise lessons developed a future-proof Learning Management System. If you are looking for online driving classes, you need to ensure that the courses are approved by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation(TDLR), so that after completing the course you would be eligible to get a road permit. And the good news is that our driver’s ed online classes are approved by the TDLR. All our online courses are tested and proven by thousands of students every month all over Texas. Our driver’s ed online classes are the only online driver training programs that is backed by science along with fun contents, where students go along a two way learning course. As we know learning only makes sense when students are engaged and participate. So our aim was clear-cut that is to craft content that is entertaining, refreshing, and packed with diverse learning materials.

Our driver’s ed online classes mainly offer three types of courses, a 6-hour online driving course for adults, a 32-hour parent-taught online driving class for teens, and an online defensive driving course. Every course is packed with amazing animation, video, and audio content. Students get quizzes as the courses progress, and they take a final quiz to complete the course, they can get an unlimited number or attempt to clear the quiz.

In our online driver ed classes, our main focus is on the theoretical aspect and laying the groundwork for driving training. It covers areas such as traffic laws, vehicle maneuvers, car control, techniques to avoid destruction and accidents, defensive driving skills, road sharing, drugs and alcohol effects, and many more important topics.

Links for our Drivers Ed Online Classes:

6 Hours Online Driving Course For Adults

32 Hours Parent-Taught Driving Education for Teens

Online Defensive Driving Course

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