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Theory establish the purpose and teaches the why. To become a responsible and good driver one must take theoretical classroom training while they are learning. As it gives the knowledge and skills to stay calm and have enough patience to make the appropriate decision when times come. At our driving classes in Irving Tx, we curated our classroom education in such a way that it gives the ultimate knowledge of handling emergencies, reacting properly to situations, using first aid, knowing laws, respecting others’ rights, etc. overall we teach our students to make the world a better place for driving.


    We ensure students get the best learning experience from the top-class bilingual instructors licensed by DPS. Combining the best education tools and curriculums emphasizing safe driving, we ensure that our students are ready to pass their driving test on the first attempt (98% passing record on 1st attempt). We understand, that driving a car is one of the most dangerous things we do on daily basis, so we ensure the learning foundation is solid and students get the real hands-on driving training at our driving classes in Irving Tx. With time, students get comfortable with car controlling, decision making and eventually becoming a confident driver. We teach our students in such a way that they never can unlearn.


    At Adult Teen Driving School each student gets one-on-one specialized instructions as per their learning requirements in our driving classes in Irving Tx. And our super friendly motivated instructors strive for a supportive and encouraging driving experience for our students. We make certain that students are equipped with the necessary skills and techniques. And therefore they become skillfully safe and responsible drivers. The training modules we follow in our driving classes:

    Knowing laws, abiding by rules.

    Learn Theory, Gain confidence.

    Car anatomy exploration.

    Responsibility and safety measures.

    Solid foundation that helps students grasp in-car driving lessons quickly.

    Alcoholic effects and statistics about road safety.

    Our offer a comprehensive hands-on driving education by our driving classes to adults and teen. We offer best rated 6 hours driving class for adults and 32 hours online course for teens.

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