Online 6 Hours Driving Course For Adults

A complete online driving course

Adult Teen Driving School offers online 6 hours driving course for adults in Texas. Basically, this course can be taken from all cities in Texas and it is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). If a student is an adult or older than 25 years, this is the must have course that State is required if they never had a driving license before. After completing online 6 hours driving course students can take written examination to earn learner’s permit and then they can go for DPS driving test.

  • Online 6 hours driving course for adults modules

    Our highly qualified and licensed instructors comes from years of experience. They created hands-on driving education modules that helps students to learn to drive in no time and clear the road test on their first try. We cover topics from basic to advanced level in such a way that let students learn to drive in a systematic and efficient way. This course helps students to have a profound knowledge in driving and to become an expert driver. Anyone having prior driving experience, this course extends their skills to another level. It connects all the dots, create solid foundation and set them an expert end of the course. Some topics we highlights are given in the below list:

    Instrument reading cluster, vehicle maneuvers

    Traffics laws and road signs

    Cars controls, ins and outs of car anatomy and pre-check conditions, cars maintenance

    Turning left and right, intersection turning, U-turn and backing, leaving the curb, parallel parking

    Techniques for avoiding distraction

    Safe and defensive driving skills

    Road sharing with co-drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians

    Free way and high way driving on high traffic road

    How to act promptly on emergencies and accidents

    Handling different and adverse weather conditions

    Statistics of road accidents and fatality, consequence of driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol

    How to overcome fear and become a confident and defensive driver

    Some of the key benefits

    Our exclusive online 6 hours driving course for adults comes with rich features and benefits. We created smart, future-ready and engaging content based learning modules. Easy, precise, reliable, logical, fun, just to take a few words to describe our course. It is highly rated by our previous students and their parents. We show the importance of alternative solutions to in-person driving courses at the same time it should be fun, informative and easy to complete maintaining its impactfulness and effectiveness to make road safe, reduce accidents. Our online 6 hours driving course for adults is the only course that created based on science, coupled with fun and engaging activities so it would be two way leaning.

    Our 6 hours online driving course for adults approved by DMV, and accepted by all cities in Texas

    Created using reach contents of animation, video, audio, text, and quizzes

    Get insurance discounts after completing the course

    Take lessons, anywhere anytime, 24/7 support using any device connected with internet

    Advance Learning management system

    1. Complete the course > 2. Take written test > 3. Sit for DPS test > 4. Get your driving license

    Yet pricing wise it is 20% less compare to other driving schools, just $40

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    • Online 6 Hours Driving Course For Adults


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