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Highly Rated Driving School in Arlington Tx

Adult Teen Driving School is been running successfully for last one decade, and its growing year after year. We started from Irving, now we are open in Arlington as well. We saw there was a huge gap between training to pass road test and having true skills for real world driving. Md. Munna, holding master degree in education, is been involved to the driving education industry for last couple of decades, and personally experienced lack of proper driving educations. So he put together all his experience and knowledge to start his dream project for driving training. That small business now turned into a DPS authorized driving school. Currently, we teach thousands of students every year, running our driving school 7 days a week with multiple staffs.

  • Our Offerings

    At our driving school, our friendly and experienced instructors crafted comprehensive driving education to teach our students from fundamentals of driving to make them expert in defensive driving. We offer DPS mandatory 6 hours driving course for adults and 32 hours online driving course for teens. As we mainly stressed on real world driving experience, we segregated most of the part of our driving education in 1-on-1 in-car driving lessons. Adult Teen Driving School is authorized by DPS to take third party road test in Arlington. We developed each of the modules in such a way exciting ways so students will learn the lessons in no time.

    Why We Are Different

    We welcome all kinds of students at our driving school in Arlington Tx. We teach everyone, weather it is teenager, adults or aged people. We take care of special needs kids with extra effort, and ensure they are all become equally skillful drivers as any other kids. We take DPS road test from our driving school, and we try to help all our students pass their road test on the first go. And that’s why we are holding record number of passing percentage of clearing road test on the first attempt, which is 98%. Our training methodology is different, and so we customize our driving training as per students’ needs.

    A Driving School of Proven Track Record

    Our rating says it all, check us on Google. Thousands hours of experience coupled with true passion for teaching, our instructors developed all-inclusive driving training modules that helps students gain knowledge in much quicker time. We aim to train our students in a way that the skills they gain from our driving school, they never can forget. We look to make our students not only pass the road test on their first go but indeed they can become skillful and expert driver for a lifetime. Take a look of our key highlighted services:

    Driving Classes, in-car driving lessons at our driving school in Arlington Tx, for all adults and teens.

    Top-notch training at affordable prices.

    Third party DPS road test in Arlington Tx.

    Easy car rental for road test.

    Experienced, friendly instructors who loves to teach.

    32 hours online course for teens and 6 hours driving classes for adults

    Road Test Packages In Car Lessons

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