This course is a combination of state-required 32 hours online driving course and 14 hours of behind-the-wheel training for teens. It is for beginners or having little knowledge who wants to start their driving training. This total course is divided into two segments, the first is theoretical, and the second is practical-based hands-on training. We […]


    46 Hours driving course is designed for teens with no or very little knowledge of Driving. This course is created by merging state compulsory 32 hours driving course and 14 hours behind the wheel training. The goal of this course is to make the students learn how to drive safely while abiding by all traffic […]


    32 hours driving course is a DPS compulsory course for Teens to get a learner permit. This classroom course is mainly curated based on road safety and traffic laws, however, it covers all other aspects of driver education. This theory class is meant to educate kids on how to become responsible drivers and drive properly […]

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