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Are you looking for Driving School in Irving? Look No further! You are in right place. Adult Teen Driving School is a highly rated driving school in Irving. Our driving classes and in car lessons designed as per the DPS guidelines, to provide a comprehensive smart driving education and knowledge to all teens and adults. Driving seems to be relaxing and easy, yes of course it is, if we do it right way. And to teach you drive right way, on the right track, we hired awesome instructors licensed by DPS, who are so gentle, friendly and humble to give you ultimate knowledge and education you need to pass the road test. And they help you to learn drive safely and responsibly for your future endeavors.


    We are a complete driving school in Irving Tx, offer all kinds of services typically a driving school provides with extra cares, yes we do care! Our DPS authorized instructor make sure students are fully educated and prepared for easy and nice driving journey after taking all safety measure. We offer in car driving lessons for hands-on practice at a very affordable rate. We take DPS Road Test from our driving school, as we are a third party DPS road test driving school in Irving.


    We teach students with the industry leading technologies and facilities in our driving school training in Irving. All our instructors are DPS approved and having minimum of 5 years of experience in teaching. We offer guaranteed quickest learning time. Students can give driving test after completing their education from our driving school in Irving itself. We ensure of getting driving license sooner than anywhere else. No hidden or extra cost. 100% cheapest rate in all over Irving.


    Learn from the highest rated driving school, check us on Google. Trusted by thousands of students every year. Our goal is to graduate our students to drive safely and fearlessly at no time. We are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, seven days a week, to fit your busy schedule. We love what we do, and keep no stone unturned to help our students gain all the skills, technique and knowledge they need to drive without fear, nervousness, and uncertainty. So they become a smart and responsible driver for rest of their lifetime. We are a one-stop solution for all Driving School needs:

    Driving Classes in Irving, for all adults and teens

    In car Driving lessons for all adults and teens

    Road Test in Irving, Tx from our Driving School

    Free pick up and drop off in Irving, tx

    Car rental for road test

    We help to obtain learner permit

    We conduct mandatory 6 hours classroom training for adults

    Road Test Packages Teen Courses

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