Searching for a reliable traffic school has never been so easy while there are plenty of driving training schools are exist. Adult Teen Driving School is the highest-rated driving behind-the-wheel training school in Irving, TX. We offer driving ed classes, in-car driving lessons, and third-party DPS-authorized road tests to everyone including but not limited to adults, teens, aged people, special needs kids, children with ADHD, and so on.

At our traffic school in Irving Tx, we ensure students are equipped with all safety skills and techniques to deal with real-world driving, once they complete our courses. As we teach from basic to advanced levels of driving training keeping safety as the primary parameter. Only a select few traffic schools are approved by the DPS to conduct third-party DPS Authorized road tests, and we’re proud to say that we are one of them.

We offer driving classes that adhere to the mandatory guidelines set by the DPS. According to these guidelines, adults need to complete 6 hours of driving class, whereas teens are required to complete 32 hours of online driving class before they are eligible to obtain a learner permit for in-car driving lessons.

Our traffic school in Irving Tx is associated with highly experienced and friendly instructors, who are passionate about teaching students how to drive safely. With years and years of experience, they comprised comprehensive driving training modules that enable students to learn driving in no time. Our goal is to cultivate safe and responsible drivers for life among our students.

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