Are you interested in obtaining your driver’s license? Or perhaps you’d like to enhance your driving skills before taking your driving test. Give us a try! Adult Teen Driving School has extensive experience in teaching Irving people. At our driver education classes in Irving TX, we teach students from fundamental driving to advanced driving techniques that enable them to drive cars effortlessly and confidently. Our driving education classes are offered as per DPS guidelines, provided by classroom training and in-car driving lessons.

We offer 6-hour driving classes for adults and 32-hour online driving classes for teens. Please note these two classes are mandatory as per the respected individual’s age group. With years of experience, our instructors crafted hands-on training modules that help students learn to drive in no time and experience real-world driving before driving tests. We understand real perfection comes from proper training, and that is why we invested the most in our instructors’ panels by hiring the top instructors in the city. Our instructor comes with thousands of hours of experience, they know the loopholes of students in general, and address them with the correct approach. All our trainers are DPS-licensed and well-qualified.

Our Drivers Education Classes in Irving, TX, are highly flexible to accommodate students’ needs. So we schedule classes on weekends or in off-hours for working professionals, some other benefits are like bilingual instructors, pick up and drop off services, free consultations about driving licenses, etc.

We teach students coming from all ages, background including aged people and special needs children. We also teach ADHD-diagnosed children. We make sure every student learns at their own pace, giving one-on-one dedicated driving lessons to enable them to stay one step ahead of the other driving schools. We organize third-party DPS-authorized road tests at our driving school, so students can take road tests from the comfort of our driving school. We achieve a 98% success rate on the initial attempt of our driving tests. Prior to the road test, we always ensure that students are fully proficient in all safe driving techniques.

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