We have come from a decade of experiences, and our instructors put together all of those experiences into creating advanced learning modules that helps student learn and equipped the advanced and complex driving techniques and skills in shorter time possible. Our driver training course in Irving Tx offer wide varieties of driving aspects.

We specifically designed our courses in two main categories, for adults and teens. We offer 6 hours driving course for adults and 32 hours driving course for teens to obtain road permit. This road permit is the getaway to be eligible to take on in-car driving lessons.

Our driver training courses in Irving Tx are based on practical driving modules, which let our students drive cars on real world situations, and be ready for road test. Our experienced and friendly instructors ensure students learn and grasp each and every modules, and then they later on apply the skill sets they acquired on solely driving practice. In this way we give complete hands-on driving training, so students equipped with the necessary driving skills. Our instructors make sure students gain safety and emergency situations handling skills, so they can act smartly when emergency situations happen or are about to happen.

Adult Teen Driving School has always put safety first and set up the whole training process in this way. We use dual ABS brake system vehicle for driving lessons, and all cars are insured. Our training modules were not only limited to DPS-recommended lessons but included advanced defensive techniques, that enhance one’s ability to drive safely. Our driver training course in Irving, TX is very flexible toward students needs of learning. We modify our driving courses as per students’ requirements. Also, we understand hectic schedule is a concern for working professionals, so we take driving classes on weekends and evenings as well.

Being the highest rated driving school we always strive to create an engaging and enjoyable learning experience for our students as we excel in more advanced and engaging training modules. We strive to balance competitive pricing with the utmost quality in training. Our goal is for every student to graduate from our driving course, obtain their license, and become safe and confident drivers for life.

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