6 Hours Driving Lesson included FREE Road Test


Adult Teen Driving School offers a Comprehensive 6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Lessons Irving Package including a Free Road Test

We offer a comprehensive 6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Lessons Irving Package focused on road safety and equipping students with excellent driving skills. This popular package provides valued instruction time behind the wheel alongside the opportunity to take a practice road test at no additional cost. Our team of trained and experienced instructors is dedicated to helping all students strengthen their abilities and confidence on the road.

What Does Our 6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Lessons Irving Package Include?

The 6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Lessons Irving Package allotted six hours of one-on-one time with an instructor who will assess each student’s existing skills and tailor the lessons accordingly. Topics covered include basic maneuvers like turning, accelerating, and braking as well as more advanced techniques related to merging, parallel parking, and navigating complex intersections. Instructors provide constructive feedback every step of the way to reinforce good habits and smooth out any issues.

Beyond the instructional component, students also benefit from a free practice road test administered by their assigned instructor. This acts as a valuable opportunity to experience what an official exam entails while also gaining a trained evaluation of one’s abilities behind the wheel. Instructors will note both strengths and areas for improvement to empower students as self-aware drivers.

Pricing and Scheduling

Our 6-Hour Package is affordably priced which covers the full six hours of lessons plus the free practice road test. Sessions can be scheduled on weekends or weeknights based on instructor availability. Interested drivers are encouraged to book early for the best selection of times that align with individual schedules.

Benefits of Our 6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Lessons Irving Package

There are numerous advantages to choosing Adult Teen Driving School’s 6-Hour Package. First, the six hours of personalized instruction allow each student to focus precisely on the skills most relevant to their needs and driving style. The small student-teacher ratio ensures maximum learning. Additionally, the included practice test provides reassurance about exam readiness and highlights any topics still needing work before scheduling the official exam. Both the instructor feedback and self-assessment give confidence-building insights. Many students have ultimately passed their exam on the first try thanks to this comprehensive approach.

  • 1. 2 FREE Road Test
  • 2. 6 Hours In-Car Instruction
  • 3. DPS Authorized Instructor
  • 4. Observations, peer program and interactive Class
  • 5. Vehicle Provided
  • 6. Free Pick Up & Drop
  • 7. FREE Road Test within stipulated 6 Hours

For expert driving lessons tailored to your needs plus peace of mind from a practice test, Adult Teen Driving School’s top-rated 6 Hours Behind-The-Wheel Lessons Irving Package is an ideal choice. Contact us today to learn more or register for the program that will give you an advantage on the road.



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6 Hours Car Lesson + Free Road Test


May 23, 2021

from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

A well qualified and certified instructor with 2 years of experience in teaching different driving lessons

Samantha Tam

Davis is DPS approved instructor, having 8 years of experience.

Davis Nguyen

Being an instructor, Mike has trained 300+ students so far. It’s been 3years he is doing this job

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