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Proper Driving Training with Adult Teen Driving School

Learning to drive is an important milestone, but getting the proper training from a qualified instructor is important. At Adult Teen Driving School , we understand that becoming a safe, confident driver takes time and practice. That’s why we offer a comprehensive 10 Hours In Car Driving Lessons Irving package paired with a Free Road Test – to give student drivers the guidance and experience they need to excel.

Why Choose Our 10 Hours In Car Driving Lessons Irving Course?

We know that learning to drive is a big responsibility. Our experienced instructors are fully trained and dedicated to helping students drive safely and legally on the roads. Each of our lessons provides personalized, one-on-one attention to address areas for improvement. We also supply learners with a wealth of educational materials – like videos, manuals and practice tests – to reinforce the techniques taught in the car. This package comes with a free test vehicle and convenient pick-up and drop-off services. Though pick up and drop off is not provided on road test day. You’ll also enjoy unlimited retests and a complimentary practice test to get you ready.

What to Expect from the 10 Hours In Car Driving Lessons Irving ?

Our program is divided into 5 logical steps:

    • 1. Personalized Instruction – Your first lesson includes an evaluation of your existing skills behind the wheel. Your instructor will work directly with you to set goals and tailor subsequent lessons based on your individual needs.
    • 2. Building a Strong Foundation – Basic maneuvers like steering, braking and accelerating are practiced through various exercises in a safe, controlled environment. You’ll also learn rules of the road and proper safety protocols.
    • 3. Applying Skills in Different Scenarios – Once comfortable with the basics, lessons progress to more challenging scenarios like city intersections, highway entrances and different road conditions. Smooth merging, lane changing and navigating routes are emphasized.
    • 4. Enhanced Road Awareness – Defensive driving techniques and hazard perception are stressed through exercises that teach mirror checks, blind spot awareness and how to properly scan the road.
    • 5. Free Road Test – To complete the program, students take a mock road test with their instructor and receive feedback. We also provide 1 free attempt at the actual driving test to help prepare for licensure!

    Additionally, Students Get Perks Such As :

    • 1. 2 FREE Road Test
    • 2. 10 Hours In Car Driving Lessons Irving
    • 3. DPS Authorized Instructor
    • 4. Observation with interactive Class
    • 5. Vehicle Provided
    • 6. Free Pick Up
    • 7. Free Drop Off
    • 8. FREE Road Test within stipulated 10 Hours

    We aim to empower new drivers with confidence, skill and safety knowledge. Our goal-oriented, in-depth lessons backed by supplemental materials give students a strong foundation for independent driving. By choosing Adult Teen Driving School ‘s 10 Hours In Car Driving Lessons Irving , learners have the tools to develop into responsible drivers who can handle any road situation. Contact us today to get signed up!


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10 Hours Car Lesson


May 24, 2021

from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

A well qualified and certified instructor with 2 years of experience in teaching different driving lessons

Samantha Tam

Davis is DPS approved instructor, having 8 years of experience.

Davis Nguyen

Being an instructor, Mike has trained 300+ students so far. It’s been 3years he is doing this job

Mike Wooton

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