Accredited Driving Program for Safe and Skilled Drivers

Have you been thinking about enrolling in a driving school that offers an accredited driving program in Irving? Do you have questions like  What classes and training do you need to take to be eligible for the road test? How long will the whole process take and how much time do you need to commit each week? Once you finish the program, what other preparations can you do to feel fully ready for the DPS Test?

If any of these questions have been swirling in your mind, you’ve come to the right place. Adult Teen Driving School has been helping local teens and adults obtain their licenses for over 10+ years. We understand learning to drive is a big step that comes with many uncertainties.

Here, we’ll address all your questions about the state’s driver education requirements and our accredited driving program in Irving. If you’re just beginning to explore your options or if you’re ready to enroll, trust us to guide you through the entire process. At Adult Teen Driving School, our aim is to simplify and ensure the success of this process for our students.

As a DPS-approved driving school, our programs are meticulously crafted to meet state standards and requirements. Additionally, all of our instructors are certified to ensure quality education. Our accredited driving program in Irving is tailored to prepare students comprehensively for both the road rules knowledge test and the behind-the-wheel exam administered by the DPS. Furthermore, completion of one of our state-mandated driver education courses is obligatory for students under 18 to acquire their license. But our courses are also helpful for adult learners and those looking for a refresher before taking the tests.

Which Accredited Driving Program in Irving Do We Offer?

Our program teaching method is divided mainly into two parts :

A] Classroom Instruction:

This course covers all aspects of the driver handbook through engaging lessons and discussions. Students learn things like traffic laws, safe driving techniques, and what to expect on the road tests. This portion can be completed online or in our onsite classroom. Additionally, we offer 3 main following comprehensive courses to suit different needs:

  • 1) Accredited driving program in Irving for Teens – Our accredited driving program in Irving for Teens is a comprehensive 30-hour course designed for students aged 15-17, covering vehicle handling, road rules, safety information, defensive driving techniques, and emergency responses. This accredited driving program in Irving is designed to create a supportive environment, allowing students to practice maneuvers and gain confidence. In addition upon completion, students receive a certificate, allowing them to apply for a learner’s permit. The program ensures anxiety-free learning and a successful driving test.
  • 2) Accredited driving program in Irving for Adults –  Our 6-hour accredited driving program in Irving for Adults is ideal for newbies or refreshers, covering updated rules, safety tips, and  basic knowledge. Moreover, instructors adeptly tailor instruction to individual learning styles, ensuring comprehensive understanding. Additionally, the program accommodates busy schedules, making it accessible to all. Furthermore, continued driving education may qualify graduates for lower insurance rates. Graduates leave confident in navigating complex roads and reducing the risk of accidents or tickets.
  • Defensive Driving Course –  Our Defensive Driving Course improves drivers’ abilities through collision-avoidance techniques. Despite initial concerns, regular refreshment of fundamental skills is crucial for safety. Instructors focus on hazards drivers may overlook and offer a new perspective on risk anticipation. Graduates qualify for driving record point reduction. Investing in defensive driving education can reduce insurance costs and protect your license and others.

B] Practical Training

  • Behind-the-Wheel Training: After completing the classroom hours, students will have in-car training with a certified instructor. They will practice skills like turning, parking, merging, and more on real roads. This is where students get personalized feedback and coaching. 
  • Driving Test Preparation: Our accredited driving program in Irving for DPS test prep is designed to prepare students for exams by focusing on passing criteria. Instructors focus on the test, and most graduates pass on their first attempt. Additional practice is provided for areas of weakness, ensuring confidence and eliminating doubts before test day.

What Do Students Need To Know About Us?

While we know how much stress students face while preparing for the written test as well as the driving test, our instructors have experience and tips for each of your problems for instance they offer the following:

Practical Driving Test Stress Management

  • 1. For Stress Management they clearly define maneuvers like parking, three-point turns, and emergency stops during practice lessons.
  • 2. They give importance to safe driving skills over perfection. This naturally builds confidence and results in perfect performance in driving test
  • 3. Review marking criteria to prevent automatic failures for minor mistakes.

Strategies For Reducing Written Test Stress

  •  1. Practicing multiple-choice format leaves no room for doubt.
  •  2. Review handbook sections and provide memory techniques for complex concepts.
  •  3. Practice sample test papers to boost confidence.
  •  4. Reassure students that passing is achievable with preparation.

Additionally, fear of driving itself is a significant hurdle, especially in busy traffic. The root cause here is often a lack of experience behind the wheel. To address this we offer 

Driving Fear Reduction Strategies

  •  1. Start lessons in quiet residential areas.
  •  2. Gradually increase challenges over several hours.
  •  3. Use low-speed maneuvers for control.
  •  4. Use positive reinforcement and praise for accomplishments.
  •  5. Gradual exposure and time help fade most fears.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our goal is to make driver education affordable and accessible for all students. Classroom instruction for adults starts at just $70 whether taking the online or onsite option. Behind-the-wheel lessons just start at $45. Moreover, we also offer a condensed yet affordable package that combines both in-car lessons and practice test hours which can be completed with one week of full-time classes. Whether taking lessons individually or together, students have various options to complete their driver’s classes and driving training at our driving school

Accelerate Your Skills With Our Accredited Driving Program

Learning to drive undoubtedly comes with challenges. But with patience, the right guidance, and commitment to practice, anyone can become a confident driver.  By choosing Adult Teen Driving School, you can feel secure knowing you’ll gain the skills needed from an approved, reputable school. Don’t delay getting started. Simply give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our programs, pricing options, and class schedules. An instructor would also be happy to answer any other questions during a free info session. Take this step toward freedom and independence. Let us be your partner in safe driving.

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